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Polaroid Collage Album

Mosaic Wedding Album Design

Wedding Day

Stella and Minh got married at St. Ignatius Church in Richmond, near Melbourne, and had their reception at Carousel. This couple is so stylish and easy to photograph, and their wedding had the perfect combination of story, family, ritual, emotion, glamour, and wow factor to try something new and creative for their wedding album design.

Album Design

This album is unlike any other I have ever done – I wanted to use the polaroid shape in an album, and create a collage that portrays a sense of movement in each spread. Inspired by artist and photographer David Hockney, the master of polaroid collages, and the double reflection you see when you look into a beveled mirror, I came up with this album design idea.

I started with a custom template with 28 different polaroid squares on each album spread to use in my design, or 12 polaroids for single pages. Within each collage I laid out the day's events, with portions of images in every individual square, to make up a larger picture and tell the full story of the wedding day. Some individual "polaroids" within the template have cropped or rotated images to portray motion and highlight specific parts of the photographs.

This layout is one of the most difficult I've ever produced, but my hard work paid off when it won first place for "album of the year" at WPPI, an international photography convention held every Spring in Las Vegas.

Do you have a creative idea you'd like to implement for your wedding album? I am always willing to incorporate client requests into the album. Contact me today and let's start a rapport!