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Passionate Couples Boudoir

Rodman & Laura traveled from California to have couples portraits taken in our Las Vegas studio. They wanted a sexy, fashion style portrait session to show their passion and love for each other.

The black and white images were photographed indoors, using a variety of lighting methods including studio strobes or several ice lights.

The portrait session began with Rodman, while Laura was getting her hair and makeup done. Wearing only jeans, he is shirtless and shows off his muscles for a series of sensual male boudoir portraits.

When Laura is done being primped, some sexy portraits of her wearing jeans and an open shirt were photographed, as well as intimate couples photos of the two lovebirds together.

After the studio portion of the shoot, we went outdoors, poolside, for some semi-nude couples boudoir photos, with soaking wet bodies. Topless with denim pants, skin touches skin and you can see the lust and sensuality between this gorgeous couple.

Couples Boudoir Album

The book is an 10x15 vertically bound flush mount album, with photographic pages and no mats.

If you and your other half are interested in some passionate boudoir photos together, reach out today and let's discuss your vision.