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Las Vegas and Destination Wedding Albums

Every couple should have an album to tell the story of their wedding day. Every wedding is so uniquely different, every album should be, too.

We offer several different types of wedding albums, so we are sure we can find something you and your fiancé will love. Feel free to browse a few examples:

Flush Mount Albums

These albums have seamless, panoramic pages with no mats. They can be square, vertically, or horizontally bound.

Matted Albums

These albums have paper prints mounted to mats, and are often square albums.

Custom Album Art

One of a kind albums unlike any you have seen before – all the ones below have won awards in photography competitions.

  • Legacy Album – Sarah & Tyson – images from four generations with illustrations by the bride
  • Polaroid Collage Album – Stella & Minh – collage album where each page looks like a mosaic
  • Vintage Album – Jason & Narelle – vintage themed wedding with antiqued album design

If you are recently engaged and would like to talk about your wedding, and see some albums in person, give us a call; we would love to meet you!